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I want some submissions from you sissy boys out there doing this to yourself!ORIGINAL POST > 


I want some submissions from you sissy boys out there doing this to yourself!


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Application For Sissies,Femboys,Traps,Crossdressers,TG&TV’s

(Seeking dedicated Girlieboy,Sissy,Femboy,Trap,Crossdresser,TS,orTV.)

Please know that if you fill out this application, and you get chosen, you must be prepared to follow through with everything,

This takes up alot of my energy and time,i take this VERY seriously & so should you.

You know what you are signing up for here,SO if you aren’t sure Do not sign up.

If you aren’t ready for this, you aren’t ready for this. it’s that simple.

Go and get yourself ready and come back to apply when you are. ^_* 

This is commitment from you, As well as a commitment for me. 

But i will require you prove to me that you are an actual person before i even begin with you. This is just to show a form of dedication & commitment. 
 i don’t plan on ruining your life, & i more than likely never will.
But i want to know who im engaging with. 

I know that sometimes a sissy needs to be pushed, & i also know that sometimes a sissy needs to be protected but i’ve had my fill of wasting my time.
There are far too many people out there that are just playing games for a cheap thrill as opposed to living a lifestyle.

This is more lifestyle/relationship than a mere “fetish” or game to me.

So we’ll start this off.
(All replies MUST be emailed to TheSissyMaster@yahoo >)

APPLICATION :(This May Be Revised At Any Time)
1. Sissy Name, 
2. Sissy Picture,
3. How did you become a sissy?
4. Do you have any other Masters or Mistresses?
5. Are you Straight, gay, bi or bi leaning towards gay?
6. How many different girls’ clothes have you worn? 
7. What are the most embarrassing things you’ve ever done?
8. Who knows that you are a sissy? (if anyone)
9. Why do you want me to be your Master as opposed to anyone else?
10. Why should you get to be my sissy as opposed to anyone else?
11. How much time can you dedicate to me? (20 mins a day? 20hrs a week, 24/7?)
12. What is your favorite part of being a sissy?
13. What is your least favorite part of being a sissy?
14. What’s the most humiliating thing you have ever posted? Include a link so i can see if i choose.
15. What are your kinks/fetishes/turn ons/desires? Confess to them ALL, no matter how shameful.
16. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your looks?
17. Do you want someone to take FULL & COMPLETE control of your life?
18. Do you wear panties everyday?
19. Do you keep your body hair to a minimum? (Details)
20. What EXACTLY do you seek from a Master
21. Do you have the ability to complete picture and or video tasks. (Do you have a camera or recording device such as a digital camera,ipod,iphone,android,?Something?)
22. Do you want to become a full time sissy.
23. Tell me your living situation, & day to day lifestyle.(Explain)
24. Do you want to be treated as if you were a submissive woman 24/7 on the weekends, what?
25. Where are you located? 
Get to it!

secretfemboi said: Are you ever cumming back?

I’m baaaaaacK… O_o

girlyouwant said: Are you all talk and no action?

You’re not going to manipulate me into dominating you,without knowing anything about you or who you are, sorry.
nice try though ^_* 

Accept your destiny. 

a sissy’s destiny… 

Anonymous said: Master, your girls miss you. Please post more!! <3

Soon my loves 

sissycuckoldboy-deactivated2013 said: I'm missing your captions master.

I’ve had a lot on my plate the past month or so.
I apologize to everyone who’s been missing my posts.
The good news is… I’ll be back to daily blogging within days ^_*

Anonymous said: Sir, I have filled out a sissy application and answered all the questions but I am not sure if I can fully commit in the way in which you seek your sissy to. I wish I could but circumstances prevent me. If I sent you my application still would you maybe be able to give me some sort of feedback since I don't think I will quite cut it? I thought I would ask you first as I did not want to waste your valuable time. xx

Everything in life is situational. Sometimes, situations can be worked around. 

Anonymous said: Just curious if you are accepting any more femboys?

Yes I am.